Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stephie #1

5x7, oil on illustration board


  1. Very good one, my friend ! So classy ! ^^

  2. Nailed it! The Tempest at her finest..

  3. A new model!

    As Julien said, "so classy!" Beautiful.

  4. I dont usually comment, and it isnt that this one is better than any of the rest, because its not, but it is that each one is consistently good and expressive. I love to look at y our work. I love to look at the strokes that you make with your brush, and the elegance and definition you can get from a few strokes of well placed color.

    I always learn a little something when I look at your work. How simple it all seems....

    what can I say, I am incredibly impressed and I can only hope that someday the painting gods decide to bless me with a tenth of your talent and ability to visually portray the essence of the female form, and the way clothes can complement that form through the dynamic ripples and folds.

    thanks for blowing my mind.

  5. She is perfect, man!! Great work!!

  6. thanks for the comments everyone! and thanks Me, very appreciated :)