Thursday, September 23, 2010

Janette #29

5x7, oil on illustration board


  1. ha, abstracting forms too much, or just too clumsy?

  2. Now that you mention it, the "too clumsy" fits in. But it wasn't what I had in mind originally.

    For me: Her face and hair make her look like a hag, a really old hag. Her hair looks choppy. Her expression makes me think that she's in the throes of dying. Her bottom half is out of proportion to her top half. And her ass is about 60 inches and upper thigh is about 55 inches. And her white legs don't go with her remaining skin tones, unless she's wearing white over-the-knee stockings.

    I do like abstract painting, but I know that Janette is actually a very pretty girl, and this painting doesn't portray her that way at all.

    I do like the background though, with her in the middle of some blue-gray colour surrounded by various peach-orange colours.

    Re: abstract painting - The first painting I can remember noticing as a young child was a painting by Picasso. Later, in my early teens, I became fond of Mondrian - I even "needlepointed" one of his paintings (my first attempt at painting a needlepoint canvas).