Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leisure Time

13x18, oil on plexiglass


  1. Plexiglass? Veeery interesting. Does it work pretty well? Do you have to prep the surface at all?

  2. OH WOW!!!

    This is wonderful! I love the background's colour and cracked glass look. I love the light colours of the background being underneath her, lifting up the viewer's point of view to her and highlighting her. I love the spot of red panties (my favourite colour but still red really spices things up). I love her placement - off-center. I love the red border, which also reinforces the spot of red panties. And the length of her hair down her back is just right.

    And all of her curves are feminine-ly proportionate.

  3. thanks! Yeah, I wouldn't have expected plexi to be friendly to me since I generally avoid slick and non-absorbent surfaces, but I really kind of liked it. I coated it really rough in thicker gesso than normal, applied with a big palette knife like cake frosting. Working on another right now done up the same way, we'll see how it comes out...