Monday, April 5, 2010

Stephie #7 and DVD trailer :D

I've hinted around about my DVD for awhile now, but it's nearly finished and I'm finally able to show a peek ;)

for more info on this or on the new hardcover Quickie book also coming out next month, go to


  1. This looks great, I have followed your series of postcard sized paintings for quite some time and its great to see the process.

    If you don't mind I was curious about you reference, do you take the photographs yourself and do you choose to work from a black and white image?

  2. Well done, David. Good to know the full length DVD will be available too.

  3. hey, sorry about not replying earlier, I thought I had but guess not. Ian, I shoot all my own reference for these paintings. I use b&w refs for a number of reasons (described more in-depth in the DVD) but mostly to keep my mind flexible in my color choices and work from memory (of life observation and previous paintings) and reaction (to what's happening on my board). I feel like it gives me better results.