Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rough strokes

k, something different tonight. I had this failed panel laying around awhile with a wiped out painting that eventually got covered in more paint. Felt like playing with it some, but because it was already covered in oils I couldn't start with a tight pencil drawing like I normally do so I went in totally freestyle and decided to just let it go. Kinda fun, and the surface itself was much less absorbent so the paint kind of slid all over too. I think it has a very different sort of look for whatever reason, closer to what my life paintings look like

9x12, oil on maple panel


  1. Yes, it does have a different look. But very nice! The brush strokes seem to blend into one another more.

    Wonderful job on her face!

  2. thanks! i want to go get some more of those panels and play with it a bit more, see where it goes