Monday, September 14, 2009

Anna 11

5x7, oil on illustration board


  1. All of these are just gorgeous.
    Are they done from photographs?
    How long do they take to paint?
    Could you one day do a tutorial step by step for the readers?
    Sorry if that's too many questions.
    I really enjoy these posts.

  2. I agree, these images are great and it would be great getting to know the process and how do you work to produce such amazing paintings.

  3. Hey, mon ami ! ^^
    Just got your Quickie book last week at it's a beauty ! The quality of the print [and it's content] is amazing ! I wish see you do more books like that, alongside your illustration and painting career ! ;)
    Peace, Dave !

  4. Dave these are all so gorgeous! wow! just went through all of them. and... will you paint me? hahahahah! joking, that might be weird. :P