Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well it's about time...

This is really very overdue. For awhile I was posting my postcards and nudes to my main blog but, because I produce them so much quicker than my illustrations, it wasn't long before they started taking over and pushing my other work out. There were just too many! I didn't want to give the impression that this is all I do, so I started only posting batches of favorites, but they were inconsistent at best.

Anyhow, I finally got to setting up this page as a home specifically for my nudes and semi-nudes, where I can feel free to post them without holding back or spacing them out. Instead I imagine it's just going to be a haphazard sputtering of new work as I find the time to produce it. I'm looking forward to frequent updates ;)

So to kick things off, I'll post a few favorites from the past year or so that I've been doing these. If you want the full gallery, you can find them here and here.


  1. Amazing paintings, I just love these style so much. the one with the glasses gotta be my favorite of all the paintings, but they are perfect, too.

  2. Good start with a good selection! Happy to see my favourite model included!

  3. Hey, you should put a Google Friend Connect widget here, so it´s easier for us to follow up!

    I sent you an e-mail just now. Hope you get it!

  4. thanks everyone! Carlos, I have followers with Google Friend Connect, is it not showing up for you? Or are you talking about something else that I should have?