Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mary #9

5x7, oil on illustration board


  1. I love all of these small works. There are alot of works on blogger that I have to click on to read what is in the picture but when you post yours I never have to do that. I can see it from across the room and that's huge in my book. Great work. I admire your ability to make a picture read.

  2. I think her snake-like pose is wonderful. I really like the golden colors of her hair and you put some of that color onto the flesh of her arm. I think it adds a lot of nice warmth there and is a nice a subtle way to push that area forward in space.

  3. Dave, this one is beautyful, but in all honesty, the whole bunch of great, great art you shown here lately is simply breathtaking ! ^^
    I can't wait to see that in book n°2. ;)
    Ciao, bello.

  4. David,
    Nice pose and handling of the foreshortening.

  5. Love the pose!! One of your most sexy works! :)

  6. thanks everyone! yeah, I'm really pleased with this one, things were just clicking